The best bar catering company in europe


Focusing at high standards, supreme experiences and competitive prices, ZubarDubar has held more than 15.000 events during the years.

Despite your outstanding opportunities in our selections, we can provide a solution in every price range, regardless the size of your event.
We are established as one of the greatest bar caterings and will guarantee you the best price at the market. We are set to match every price to a similar offer and we will add another 5% discount.

Skilled and professional staff are here to guide you, even before your booking, until the lights are turned off at your event.
Our educated and experienced bartenders, counting several hundred men and women, are prepared to “call to action” whenever it suits you, still guaranteeing exquisite drinks and cocktails.

unique solution

As you may be experienced or inexperienced in drinks and cocktails, we are here to guide you to the pick out the best choices for your event. We serve classics and newcomers, referring to our fine list of cocktails, and of course we are capable of making further additions if needed.

Expanded to several countries in Europe, we can assist at Danish-, German-, Spanish-, Swedish- and English-spoken events and we are looking forward to serve you the best at your destination.
For more than a decade, ZubarDubar has been the preferred and safe choice to people, in need of a helping hand at events and parties throughout Europe.